Owl looking rightThe Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge in north Florida is my first love of places near where I live.  I have been wandering through this magical forest on both sides of the Suwannee river for the last 10 years.  I try to visit the Refuge once a month to watch the creatures who live here, and to experience the way this wild place has changed over time.  The seasons, droughts, floods and storms have transformed the Refuge, and my love for it. Owl looking leftWhen I come into the Presence of this wilderness, I recognize that I am entering a holy place, precious and sacred.  I leave my other self behind on the highway, and bring nothing unwanted with me to spoil my experience – so brief as it always is.  I want to smell it, sweat in it and feel the sun and the rain and even the mosquitoes, because I am here, and am once again a part of this place.

All my life I have wanted to be outside. Wild places and wildlife fascinate me and bring me joy. Photographing the treasures I have found has given me wonderful stories to tell and memories to cherish. Through my photography, I invite you to share my curiosity and delight in the world outside. I have been a registered nurse, specializing in women's health for more than 30 years. While I have enjoyed my professional life immensely, my deepest passion is learning about and photographing wild animals, especially butterflies and birds. Everywhere I go, I find a variety of wonderful creatures to add to my collection of photographs. I hope you'll enjoy viewing the images and stories I have had the time of my life discovering. Please contact me for questions or comments!

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